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Physical edit

Will the Droid fit into either dock with a protective case?

No, only the flat adhesive plastic-type protectors (InvisibleShield) are slim enough to allow the phone to fit.

How easy is it to scratch the Droid?

The glass on top of the screen is very durable and keys will have a very hard time scratching it. There are a couple videos of people trying to scratch it as well and failing. You can scratch the back and the border around the screen pretty easily. video here

Why does my battery cover come off so easily?

Because it was designed poorly. Cut a business card to size and put it between your battery and cover. The cover will be really difficult to get on but also really difficult to get off.
Note: Taking the cover off the first (few) time(s) is realllly difficult. After that it becomes really easy to take off. It is recommended that you do not take it off unless you absolutely have to do a battery pull.

Hardware edit

What's the resolution of the Droid?


Are there any cool hidden features of the physical keyboard?

Hit shift twice for caps lock.
Hold shift and hit alt and the next key is international
Hold shift and hit alt twice and all keys are international
Hold shift and hit alt. Then hit Delete to delete an entire row.
Note the cursor, has a top and bottom end, the bottom indicates shifting and the top indicates alting
Hold any key to present international options (this is for the virtual keyboard as well)

What is the manufacture number on my Droid? What does that mean?

The number indicates generational 'batches' of manufacture. Check under the battery for a number like 40/09. If you are experiencing unsolvable hardware problems, try to exchange for a 42/09 or higher.

Why won't my GPS work?

Sometimes acquiring the first fix can take a very long time. Leave the GPS enabled for a few hours with a view of the open sky. Also try removing any third party GPS - status programs you've installed. If still having issues, wait for software update or return the phone.

How can I get more battery life?

Add the power control widget to your home to easily make sure you have your wifi, gps, and bluetooth radios off when not in use. You might turn off sync also. And lower the brightness (the backlight is one of the most power hungry components).
Check out battery use under Settings => About Phone => Battery Use. You can see here what is costing you the most juice and scale back accordingly.
Read More

Why is my battery charging slowly?

The wall charger shipped with the unit provides 850 mA of current. The USB 2.0 spec provides only 500 mA. Thus, charging through your computer or non-droid charger will charge at just over half the full speed.

What do the two dots/holes at the top of the Droid do?

The one on the left is an IR emitter and sensor to blank the phone during a call when it's against your face. The one on the right is a light sensor to activate automatic brightness.

Can I change the color of the notification LED?

Yes, but only with third party apps like Missed Call and SMS Popup.

Why won't my backlight turn off / why is my screen showing an unfamiliar app (car dock or home dock)

Your phone is near a magnet. Magnets are used in the car and home docks to indicate to the droid they are docked. Many phone holsters contain a magnet.

How do I get into the two dock modes without the docks?

For multimedia mode, download an app called DockRunner. For car mode, Android actually includes an application called Car Home. You can also hack it by putting a linearly polarized magnet, like a small cube magnet, on the back near the camera. The orientation of the magnet indicates to the droid what type of dock it is.

Can I tether?

Yes. Set it up through Verizon or look here.

Why won't the camera focus properly?

This problem is apparently temporarily and soon to be permanently resolved. See here

Audio/Video edit

Why is there an echo or static in my call?

Turn off Settings => Call Settings => Voice Privacy. Then call *228, x1. Then *228, x2.

How can I set a custom ringtone?

Transfer the sound card onto your SD Card. Go to the music app => songs => long press the song, select use as ringtone. This is now your default ringtone. It will also show up in the ringtone list, ie if you wanted to use this ringtone for a specific contact.

How can I set a special ring for a specific contact?

View the contact, then Menu => Options => Ringtone.

How can I set a special notification for SMS?

Open messaging => Settings => Select Ringtone.

How can I use a custom sound for notifications?

Create a folder on the SD card named 'notifications' - lower case. Put compatible audio file(s) in this folder. Clip is now available under Settings => Sound & Display => Notification Ringtone, and also in any app that lets you select a specific notification tone (ie, SMS above).

Why does my left speaker make crackling/scratchy noise when using the headphone jack?

Turn your media volume down a few notches and it should sound normal.

Why is the speaker soft/muffled when in the car dock?

The car dock covers part of the speaker!! See here for a fix.

Why is the Droid's video recording quality so bad?

Open the video camera application, open the menu, and set the video quality to high.

Why doesn't the Droid have a video player/play my video files?

The video player is in the gallery. You have to open the gallery and the folder with your video. Only videos encoded in MPEG-4/H.264 (.mp4) will play, and it shouldn't be larger than 854x480-ish or your phone might stutter or crash.

How can I transcode video to play on the Droid?

Some people have had luck with a program called Handbrake, but I use SUPER even though it's a bit complicated to use.

How do I get songs, video, etc. onto the Droid('s SD Card)?

Plug in the USB cable, then bring down the notification tray. Click on the one about USB, then click mount. Put your files anywhere - your droid will find them.

Why do Youtube videos look so bad?

When the video starts playing, click menu, more, and "watch in high quality".

Verizon edit

Why can't I use a data app while on the phone?

Verizon does not provide simultaneous voice/data. If you are connected to wifi it will work.

How much more will a droid cost monthly?

Unlimited data is $30/month. If you already have unlimited data your plan will not change.

Why can't verizon send SMS to other carriers with > 160 characters?

Other carriers typically break your message into multiple. Verizon doesn't. Try handcent from the market - it will automatically break them up for you.
Note - vz to vz works fine.

Android edit

How do I do [X]?

Try long pressing something. You can long press the home and search keys, the desktop, and many things within programs for additional options.

I can't use data even though I'm connected to my WPA(2) encrypted router

Try setting the encryption method (on the phone and router) to TKIP instead of AES.

Why can't I create a contact/direct message/direct call shortcut for a non-google contact?

When you are prompted to select a contact, start typing on the *physical* keyboard. This will search all of your contacts with phone numbers.

Why is my screen jumpy and inaccurate?

Try unplugging from the usb cable. Make sure you are using a genuine USB cable for the Droid.

How do I save a picture message?

Long press the picture.

Why can't I have more than 3 home screens?

Try aHome or openHome

Why won't the screen come back at the end of a call (sporadic)?

There is a sensor near the top of the phone that tries to measure the distance away from your face. When it gets far away the phone turns the backlight on. Try holding the sensor closer to your face during a call. If all else fails use the power button or physical keyboard to wake up the phone.
The problem seems to be worse in bright sunlight.

What is a factory reset?

Restores the flash memory on the phone (not SD Card) to the state it was when it shipped from the factory. This is useful to try if your phone is going bonkers. It WILL ERASE ALL LOCAL SETTINGS. But, since your contacts are all in the cloud, you will just have to setup your accounts again. Also, the market will remember what apps you've downloaded and let you download them again free.

How do I perform a factory reset?

Soft - Settings => Privacy => Factory Data Reset
Hard -

  1. Turn off the droid. If you are unable, remove battery and replace after 10 seconds.
  2. Open the physical keyboard and press the X key while pressing and holding the Power Button. The device will turn on, keep holding these two buttons until a yellow triangle appears.
  3. Press the Camera and Volume Up buttons at the same time to get a menu to come up. You may have to press them more then once.
  4. You have now entered Recovery Mode.
  5. Use the Directional Pad on the Physical Keyboard to select the Format option.

Can I cut/copy/paste using the physical keyboard?

Use shift and the d-pad to select text.
Use menu-x/c/v to cut/copy/paste text.

Why won't the home screen rotate to landscape?

Expected behavior is to rotate to landscape when you slide out the keyboard, not simply by turning. This is in no way to imply that landscape rotation on these panels may not be desireable.
There have been reports of the home screen glitching to landscape, especially when pulled from the home dock.

How do I Clear History/Data for a specific program

Go to Settings => Applications => Manage Applications. If you don't see the desired app, hit menu => filter => all. Click your application and then Clear Data button.

How do I forward a SMS/MMS message?

Long press on the message.

What does [X] notification icon mean?

See here

Was there a secret update?

No. The camera bug is linked to cycles of 24.5 days. Nov 17th was the start of a 'working cycle'. An OTA update is slated for Dec 11, just barely before the next 'non-working cycle'. Read more

Why does the home screen lag/jerk?

This is noticeable on all droids. Try killing unnec. services to make the animations as smooth as possible.

Why won't my phone rotate? (non home-screen)

Check to make sure you have automatic rotation enabled in the sound and display settings.

Why does my screen dim randomly?

It's the automatic brightness feature. Turn it off in the sound and display settings under brightness.

How can I see what's been using my battery?

Go to settings, about phone, then battery use.

How do I check for phone updates?

Go to settings, about phone, then system updates.

How do I reboot the Droid?

Hold the power button on top for a couple seconds, then select "power off".

Why won't my apps close completely/how do I kill programs?

Get a task manager from the app store such as TasKiller; the services manager in the Applications page in the settings isn't very useful.

How do I uninstall apps?

Press the menu button, go to settings, applications, manage applications, then select the program from the list and uninstall.

How do I check for updates for my apps?

Go to the Market, then press the menu button, then Downloads. If you have any programs that need updates they'll be at the top of the list.

How do I rename folders?

Click the folder to open it, then long press the gray bar at the top of it.

How do I open voice search?

Long press on the search button on the phone.

How do I remove widgets and icons?

Long press it, then move to the app tray button which will then have a trash can icon on it.

How do I set my wallpaper?

From home screen, hit menu => wallpaper. Select Pictures for personal (SD Card) images.

What size should my backgrounds be if I don't want to crop it on the phone?


Can I make my wallpaper crop square bigger?

Press on a corner of the crop box and then drag it to size.

What size should my contact photos be to prevent pixelation?

Around 250x250 or higher.

How many apps can I download and store on the Droid?

As many as will fit in the onboard 256MB as of now, but you can put any other type of file on the SD card.

How do I remove a gmail/email account?

  1. Load up Gmail on your phone by clicking the Gmail icon.
  2. Click the Menu button and select Accounts
  3. Click the Account you wish to delete
  4. You will see a list of your Gmail accounts, click the Menu button again, there is only one option, Account Settings.
  5. Scroll down to Manage Accounts
  6. Click on the Account you wish to delete.
  7. Click Remove Account

Apps edit

How do I setup Yahoo email?


What can I do with Google Voice?

Google Voice is a free call forwarding, voicemail, and SMS service provided by Google. Google Voice is NOT currently a VoIP service. However, Google has recently acquired Gizmo5 which provides voip calling and receiving services. In the future Google Voice will most likely become a full featured voip service.
Use GV to make (free) F&F calls, free SMS, free visual voicemail - Read More

Recommended Apps edit


  • TasKiller - lets you close unused apps and processes as well as ignore ones you always want running; comes with a couple widgets to quickly close applications
  • aHome, openhome - replaces home screen, adds more window panes, other features
  • explorer - put files directly on phone memory from sd card
  • ConnectBot - free ssh/telnet client. Use the physical keyboard for ctrl,alt.


  • Google Voice - saves voicemail to your GMail account and transcribes them to text
  • Group Contact Creator - create a group contact and SMS up to 10 people at once
  • Handcent - SMS replacement, adds features and notifications
  • Meebo IM- all-in-one IM suite
  • Missed Call - custom ring and vibrate settings as well as LED color and settings
  • SMS Popup - replacement for Android SMS notifier (turn stock off to prevent doubles)
  • Save MMS - allows you to save MMS attachments
  • Sipdroid - connect over SIP to make VoIP calls. See: gizmo5 walkthrough, sipdroid primer, step-by-step
  • Twidroid - Twitter
  • WiFi Buddy - detailed WiFi information and settings

Music and sound

  • Album Art Grabber - gets missing album art for your music
  • Frequency-Generator - sine, square, saw, and triangle wave generator
  • gStrings - customizable instrument tuner; also works for voice and other sounds
  • Instant Lyrics - open while playing a song and will open its lyrics
  • MixZing - music player with advanced category features and album art finder
  • Scrobble Droid - enables scrobbling in the Android music player
  • Pandora - online radio
  • Shazam - analyzes a part of a song that's playing through speakers and tells you the name and artist


  • PaintNote - MS Paint-like app
  • Photoshop Mobile - basic editor and online album
  • PicSay - multitouch image viewer/editor


  • Car Finder - press once when you park and saves your location on its map, and will show your location as well so you can find your parking spot
  • Wheres My Droid - lets you turn up the volume and activate ring and GPS to locate your phone; uses an SMS code phrase
  • Google Places Directory - lists categories of places in your location; searchable
  • GPS Status - 360 degree compass, horizontal and vertical level, g-force sensor, magnetic field sensor, GPS location in long/lat, shows speed and elevation


  • aCar - stores your car information
  • Barcode Scanner - scans various types of bar codes and Google searches them
  • ColorNote - text, drawing, and voice note program
  • ColorDict - comprehensive dictionary with multiple add-ons available
  • PDFGView - PDF viewer
  • ShopSavvy - barcode scanner with built-in product lookup
  • Speed Test - Ookla's application
  • Unit Converter


  • Bank of America - online banking and account management
  • FX Currency - comprehensive currency converter
  • Google Finance - stocks
  • PayPal

Security and other

  • DockRunner - enables multimedia dock mode without needing the dock
  • Wheres My Droid - see above
  • G-backup (trial and pay) - backs up almost anything you want to Google's servers
  • MyIP - shows your phone's IP
  • Text-To-Speech Toy - converts input text to speech


  • Hyperspace - sort of like Super Monkey Ball; tilt the Droid to navigate a ball around the level within the time limit
  • Labyrinth - tilt the Droid to roll the ball around holes and into the goal
  • Quake - full Quake game as far as I know, runs very well with full graphics[/QUOTE]


  • ShopSavvy - barcode scanner and price shopper
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