Will the Droid fit into either dock with a protective case?

No, only the flat adhesive plastic-type protectors (InvisibleShield) are slim enough to allow the phone to fit.

How easy is it to scratch the Droid?

The glass on top of the screen is very durable and keys will have a very hard time scratching it. There are a couple videos of people trying to scratch it as well and failing. You can scratch the back and the border around the screen pretty easily. video here

Why does my battery cover come off so easily?

Because it was designed poorly. Cut a business card to size and put it between your battery and cover. The cover will be really difficult to get on but also really difficult to get off.
Note: Taking the cover off the first (few) time(s) is realllly difficult. After that it becomes really easy to take off. It is recommended that you do not take it off unless you absolutely have to do a battery pull.

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