What's the resolution of the Droid?


Are there any cool hidden features of the physical keyboard?

Hit shift twice for caps lock.
Hold shift and hit alt and the next key is international
Hold shift and hit alt twice and all keys are international
Hold shift and hit alt. Then hit Delete to delete an entire row.
Note the cursor, has a top and bottom end, the bottom indicates shifting and the top indicates alting
Hold any key to present international options (this is for the virtual keyboard as well)

What is the manufacture number on my Droid? What does that mean?

The number indicates generational 'batches' of manufacture. Check under the battery for a number like 40/09. If you are experiencing unsolvable hardware problems, try to exchange for a 42/09 or higher.

Why won't my GPS work?

Sometimes acquiring the first fix can take a very long time. Leave the GPS enabled for a few hours with a view of the open sky. Also try removing any third party GPS - status programs you've installed. If still having issues, wait for software update or return the phone.

How can I get more battery life?

Add the power control widget to your home to easily make sure you have your wifi, gps, and bluetooth radios off when not in use. You might turn off sync also. And lower the brightness (the backlight is one of the most power hungry components).
Check out battery use under Settings => About Phone => Battery Use. You can see here what is costing you the most juice and scale back accordingly.
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Why is my battery charging slowly?

The wall charger shipped with the unit provides 850 mA of current. The USB 2.0 spec provides only 500 mA. Thus, charging through your computer or non-droid charger will charge at just over half the full speed.

What do the two dots/holes at the top of the Droid do?

The one on the left is an IR emitter and sensor to blank the phone during a call when it's against your face. The one on the right is a light sensor to activate automatic brightness.

Can I change the color of the notification LED?

Yes, but only with third party apps like Missed Call and SMS Popup.

Why won't my backlight turn off / why is my screen showing an unfamiliar app (car dock or home dock)

Your phone is near a magnet. Magnets are used in the car and home docks to indicate to the droid they are docked. Many phone holsters contain a magnet.

How do I get into the two dock modes without the docks?

For multimedia mode, download an app called DockRunner. For car mode, Android actually includes an application called Car Home. You can also hack it by putting a linearly polarized magnet, like a small cube magnet, on the back near the camera. The orientation of the magnet indicates to the droid what type of dock it is.

Can I tether?

Yes. Set it up through Verizon or look here.

Why won't the camera focus properly?

This problem is apparently temporarily and soon to be permanently resolved. See here

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