Why is there an echo or static in my call?

Turn off Settings => Call Settings => Voice Privacy. Then call *228, x1. Then *228, x2.

How can I set a custom ringtone?

Transfer the sound card onto your SD Card. Go to the music app => songs => long press the song, select use as ringtone. This is now your default ringtone. It will also show up in the ringtone list, ie if you wanted to use this ringtone for a specific contact.

How can I set a special ring for a specific contact?

View the contact, then Menu => Options => Ringtone.

How can I set a special notification for SMS?

Open messaging => Settings => Select Ringtone.

How can I use a custom sound for notifications?

Create a folder on the SD card named 'notifications' - lower case. Put compatible audio file(s) in this folder. Clip is now available under Settings => Sound & Display => Notification Ringtone, and also in any app that lets you select a specific notification tone (ie, SMS above).

Why does my left speaker make crackling/scratchy noise when using the headphone jack?

Turn your media volume down a few notches and it should sound normal.

Why is the speaker soft/muffled when in the car dock?

The car dock covers part of the speaker!! See here for a fix.

Why is the Droid's video recording quality so bad?

Open the video camera application, open the menu, and set the video quality to high.

Why doesn't the Droid have a video player/play my video files?

The video player is in the gallery. You have to open the gallery and the folder with your video. Only videos encoded in MPEG-4/H.264 (.mp4) will play, and it shouldn't be larger than 854x480-ish or your phone might stutter or crash.

How can I transcode video to play on the Droid?

Some people have had luck with a program called Handbrake, but I use SUPER even though it's a bit complicated to use.

How do I get songs, video, etc. onto the Droid('s SD Card)?

Plug in the USB cable, then bring down the notification tray. Click on the one about USB, then click mount. Put your files anywhere - your droid will find them.

Why do Youtube videos look so bad?

When the video starts playing, click menu, more, and "watch in high quality".

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