Android Issues

Why won't the home screen rotate to landscape?

Expected behavior is to rotate to landscape when you slide out the keyboard, not simply by turning. This is in no way to imply that landscape rotation on these panels may not be desireable.
There have been reports of the home screen glitching to landscape, especially when pulled from the home dock.

Was there a secret update?

No. The camera bug is linked to cycles of 24.5 days. Nov 17th was the start of a 'working cycle'. An OTA update is slated for Dec 11, just barely before the next 'non-working cycle'. Read more

Why does the home screen lag/jerk?

This is noticeable on all droids. Try killing unnec. services to make the animations as smooth as possible.

Why won't my phone rotate? (non home-screen)

Check to make sure you have automatic rotation enabled in the sound and display settings.

Why does my screen dim randomly?

It's the automatic brightness feature. Turn it off in the sound and display settings under brightness.

How can I see what's been using my battery?

Go to settings, about phone, then battery use.

How do I check for phone updates?

Go to settings, about phone, then system updates.

How do I reboot the Droid?

Hold the power button on top for a couple seconds, then select "power off".

Why won't my apps close completely/how do I kill programs?

Get a task manager from the app store such as TasKiller; the services manager in the Applications page in the settings isn't very useful.

How do I uninstall apps?

Press the menu button, go to settings, applications, manage applications, then select the program from the list and uninstall.

How do I check for updates for my apps?

Go to the Market, then press the menu button, then Downloads. If you have any programs that need updates they'll be at the top of the list.

How do I rename folders?

Click the folder to open it, then long press the gray bar at the top of it.

How do I open voice search?

Long press on the search button on the phone.

How do I remove widgets and icons?

Long press it, then move to the app tray button which will then have a trash can icon on it.

What size should my backgrounds be if I don't want to crop it on the phone?


Can I make my wallpaper crop square bigger?

Press on a corner of the crop box and then drag it to size.

What size should my contact photos be to prevent pixelation?

Around 250x250 or higher.

How many apps can I download and store on the Droid?

As many as will fit in the onboard 256MB as of now, but you can put any other type of file on the SD card.

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